• Vinna Lydia Anggraeni Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Komunikasi, Semarang
  • Imam Hambali Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Komunikasi, Semarang


Information, Management, Presentation of Data, Visual Basic


  1. Samudra Raya Pratama is a company engaged in construction which is located at Jalan Griya Payung Arsri No. 184 Pudak Payung, and has 135 employees, which are divided into 25 office employees and 110 field employees. With the payroll system that is still separate between office employees and field employees, making payroll information ineffective and efficient and inaccurate information, other things that cause problems with CV. Samudra Raya Pratama is the Personnel Unit of the unit that must first recap the data of office employees and field employees when making payroll.

Based on the above problems, it is necessary to develop a system in the field of payroll. The system that is running will be developed into a Multi User Based Payroll System. The purpose of this payroll system is to facilitate the management of employee data and employee salaries that are still separate in a database. Providing accurate report information without having to do calculations first, with the running of the new system can produce report information that can be made at any time if the leader wants it. This system uses Visual Basic 6.0 programming language with SQL Server 7.1 database.

With the implementation of the new payroll system, it is hoped that it can be used as a reference or development for staff, especially in the payroll section as a data processing system and financial transaction processing, so that existing problems can be resolved so that it can improve the making of the payroll process and management of employee data and produce. reports that are effective and efficient and accurate.




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